Investment potential of the SEZ Lipetsk has been presented at the regional fair at the Polish Embassy

11 September 2019
On September 11, 2019, a delegation of the Lipetsk special economic zone took part in the Regional Investment Fair at the Polish Embassy.

The event was sponsored by the Association of Industrial Parks of Russia and the Polish Business Club in Moscow. The meeting was attended by representatives of Polish companies aimed at localizing business in Russia.

Specialists of the SEZ Lipetsk presented to the participants the investment potential of the industrial site, which was highly appreciated by the Government of the Russian Federation, the business community and economic experts. To date, 62 resident companies with a declared investment volume of 196.8 billion rubles are registered in the Lipetsk special economic zone. 24 resident enterprises were put into operation and carry out industrial production activities. By the end of the year, 2 more enterprises will be commissioned, one of which is at the Yelets site of the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone.

The final stage of the meeting was the networking session, during which representatives of investment sites and Polish companies exchanged contacts and presentation materials for a detailed study and further cooperation.


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