Special Economic Zones: advantages and prospects for the automotive industry

28 August 2019
As part of the business program of the X International IMAF 2019 Moscow Automobile Forum, which is taking place these days in Moscow, a panel discussion on “SEZ and cluster policy” took place. The session was moderated by the Director of the Department of JSC Special Economic Zones Diana Ismakova.

The discussion has been also attended by the Director General of the Togliatti SEZ Sergey Andreev, the Head of the Committee for the Development of Small and Medium Enterprises of the National Association of Automotive Component Manufacturers (NAPAK) Maya Sviridova, the Deputy General Director for Investment Promotion of the SEZ Alabuga Evgeny Trushin, the head of the automobile direction of the company Fori Group Dusan Bushen, and General Director of the SEZ Lipetsk Dmitry Dudarev.

The participants discussed the issues of localizing the production of automotive components in Russia, the effectiveness of government support measures for automakers, and the role of special economic zones and industrial clusters in realizing the competitive advantages of the regions.

At the end of the discussion, representatives of the SEZ held a series of B2B meetings with representatives of well-known automakers on the issues of placing production in special economic zones of Russia.

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