20 February 2018
On February 20, 2018, the second working meeting on the development of Special economic zones with representatives of management companies was held in the office of JSC “Special economic zones”. The event was chaired by Deputy General Directors – Dmitry Golosov, who oversees the promotion of the SEZ and infrastructure construction, and Ilya Pomigalov, who is responsible for financial and legal activities.

Opening the meeting, Dmitry Golosov noted that recently there has been an increasing interest in Special economic zones on the part of the state. The recent proposal by the Governor of the Novgorod region to lift the moratorium on the creation and expansion of SEZs in the regions received the support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. At the beginning of 2018, a number of legislative innovations affecting the activities of Special economic zones entered into force. Thus, on January 1, amendments to the article 284 of the Tax code of the Russian Federation providing reduction in the income tax rate for residents of Special economic zones from 3% to 2% were introduced. Also on January 1, the new Customs code of the Eurasian economic Union came into force. The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has recently submitted to the state Duma the law on benefits for the residents of SEZ. The bill has already been signed by 20 senators. Chairman of the Upper house Valentina Matvienko said that the leadership of the Federation Council considers the adoption of the document " correct and necessary for the economic development of the regions." Dmitry Golosov also noted that the state Duma of the Russian Federation established an Expert Council on special economic zones.

In addition, Dmitry Golosov underlined that in 12 years since their creation Special economic zones have passed a serious and difficult way - the way of development, accumulation and improvement of practices and experience. Among the most significant achievements were the growth of the number of residents up to 664, more than 100 of which were foreign companies, as well as the attraction of investments in the amount of more than 260 billion rubles. At the same time, the activities of companies located in the territories of Special economic zones allowed to create more than 25,000 jobs in the regions and ensured the receipt of 67.8 billion rubles in the budget of the country in the form of tax and customs payments.

Returning to the agenda of the last meeting of JSC “Special economic zones” and management companies, Dmitry Golosov recalled the list of topics that had arisen in connection with the delegation of powers of the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation of SEZ management to the level of regions of the Russian Federation. Based on the proposals of the management companies JSC “SEZ” prepared a letter with the most acute issues and proposed possible solutions, and sent it to the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation.


The meeting also touched upon the draft of the Federal law on territories with preferential conditions for doing business in the Russian Federation developed by the Ministry of economic development of the Russian Federation. Representatives of Management companies unanimously agreed that the institution and the brand of the SEZ should be preserved. This development tool is understandable and well-known all over the world and it is advisable to work out the system of benefits in the SEZ taking into account the preferences provided in other development institutions, in particular TAD (territories of advanced development). As Dmitry Golosov emphasized, the presence of a large number of tools of territorial development leads to the fact that potential investors have a chaotic perception of development institutions, which in the future complicates the procedure of choosing sites.
A separate item on the agenda was the issue of creating a new SEZ rating aimed at attracting investors. According to Dmitry Golosov, today the overall priority goal is to attract investors to Special economic zones, including through the promotion of the SEZ brand and high-quality informing investors both in Russia and abroad about the conditions and preferences. Today we must unite the efforts of all the participants of the SEZ project. As primary support tools, we can prepare a rating of the investment attractiveness of the SEZ, which in some cases is the main source of information about the investment opportunities of the SEZ.
The culmination of the meeting was the awarding of Special economic zones. JSC “Special economic zones” decided not to rank the SEZ, not to choose the best, but as a center of strategic development, to evaluate individual achievements of each SEZ in a certain segment and to emphasize the individual and the best thing that distinguishes each SEZ from the rest. The main criteria were the quality of business conditions in each of the SEZs for resident companies, the provision of services by the SEZ management companies, the number of enterprises and their support, affordable infrastructure, investment, labor market improvement, social responsibility of business and others.
Winners in the following nominations were announced:
SEZ "Dubna" - in the nomination "the Attraction of residents" for bringing the most number of residents. The SEZ has attracted 137 residents.

SEZ "Tomsk" - in the nomination "Research potential" for the contribution to scientific development and cooperation with the research environment. A lot of R&D products of SEZ "Tomsk" residents are included in the ratings of the best inventions of Russia and the world, they have many intellectual property objects protected by patents of different countries and regions.

SEZ "Saint Petersburg" - in the nomination "Cluster development" for the development of the pharmaceutical industry. In SEZ "Saint Petersburg" a unique scientific base for research in all spheres of pharmaceuticals and medicine has been formed, that has a beneficial effect on the development of new enterprises of residents.
SEZ "Technopolis “Moscow" – in the nomination "Expansion of the year" for a significant expansion of the SEZ territory. The territory of the SEZ was increased from 160 hectares to 207 hectares. JSC “Angstrem”, JSC “Angstrem-T” and Technopolis “Moscow” became parts of the SEZ in Moscow. As a result, it was decided that SEZ, established in the capital of Russia, will be named - "Technopolis “Moscow".
SEZ "Innopolis" - in the nomination "Social environment" for participating in the integrated development of a unique ecosystem for business. On the territory of Innopolis, a university specializing in the field of information technologies has been established, the world-class social infrastructure is actively developing, which is accessible to employees of residents: a school, a kindergarten, a medical center, a sports complex, residential buildings, etc.
SEZ "Istok" – in the nomination "I Serve Russia" for contribution to the national security of the country. Anchor resident of the SEZ "Istok" JSC SPE "Istok" named after Shokin is the leader of the domestic industry for the production of microwave electronics for radar systems of aviation and space based, as well as satellite communications.
SEZ "Lipetsk" – in the nomination "Budget efficiency" for the largest contribution of private investments per 1 ruble of budget funds. In the SEZ "Lipetsk" this ratio is 4.5 to 1.
SEZ "Togliatti" – in the nomination "Diversification of the year" for the expansion of the industry structure of investment projects. In addition to transport engineering, the SEZ sectoral structure included residents from other industrial sectors.
SEZ "Kaluga" - in the nomination "Food magnate" for import substitution in the agricultural sector. Anchor residents are LLC “Agro-Invest” and LLC “TH Milk Industry”, traditionally developing vegetable growing and dairy production.
SEZ "Moglino" - in the nomination "Breakthrough of the Year" for active development in 2017. During 2017 on the territory of SEZ "Moglino" was opened a customs post, which provides residents with additional opportunities to implement the full range of customs operations, and the plant of Finnish company Nor-Maali started production of paint and varnish products.
SEZ "Lotos" won in the category "Infrastructure investor" for the development of infrastructure through private investment. Astrakhan Energy Company Holding is planning to invest 714 million rubles in the design and construction of an electrical substation in the territory of SEZ "Lotos".
SEZ "Stupino Quadrat" - in the nomination "Success without budget funds" for the development of the SEZ for private investment. SEZ "Stupino Quadrat " is the first and so far the only project initiated by private investors and not based on state financing.
SEZ "Uzlovaya" won in the nomination "Quick start" for the rapid development of the resident project. In December 2016, Engelsspetstrubmash (ESTM) became a resident of SEZ "Uzlovaya", in December 2017 an opening ceremony of the plant took place in the SEZ territory.
SEZ "Titanium valley" - in the nomination "Attraction of the year" for attracting a significant investor - Boeing. The joint venture of VSMPO-Avisma and Boeing-Ural Boeing Manufacturing plans to produce elements of the aircraft fuselage, wing and pylon elements, chassis components for all models of Boeing civilian aircraft programs: 737, 777 and 787 Dreamliner and the new model 777X.

SEZ "Alabuga" - in the nomination "Maximum effect" for leadership in absolute figures: export, revenue, jobs. Thus, the ratio of the total volume of revenues of residents of the SEZ to the total budgeted cost of creating infrastructure is 8.9. In SEZ "Alabuga" were created 6 063 new jobs. The volume of tax deductions and customs payments is 11.7 billion rubles and 24.9 billion rubles respectively.

Logistic Special economic zone "Ulyanovsk" - in the nomination "The largest investor" for attracting an investor with a large amount of declared investments. This investor is LLC “NTM Group”, which is implementing a joint Russian-Chinese cluster project in the Ulyanovsk region. The total investment is 1.5 billion US dollars. During the project implementation it is planned to create 3.8 thousand new jobs.


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