Special Economic Zones will create a modern infrastructure for the residents of SEZ

1 January 2018
During the 2017, dozens of infrastructure facilities were built and commissioned in the Russian SEZ.

Industrial SEZ «Lipetsk»

On April 26, 2017 in the special economic zone "Lipetsk" took place ceremony of opening a substation 220 kV "Kazinka" has been held.

The event has been attended by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak, Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Russia Alexander Tsybulsky, General Director of JSC "Special Economic Zones" Vitaly Milyavsky, Chairman of the Board of FGC UES Andrey Murov, and Head of the Administration of the Lipetsk Region Oleg Korolev.

The decision to construct a new power grid facility in the special economic zone "Lipetsk" was taken by JSC "SEZ" in 2008. The volume of investments from the federal budget is 2.4 billion rubles. The new substation is equipped with innovative equipment with the use of the latest technologies that meet all the safety requirements.

Schemes of substation switchgears which are developed on the basis of schemes for the development of the power system of the Lipetsk region and power supply schemes for the SEZ "Lipetsk", meet the requirements of reliability, ease of operation and environmental friendliness of processes. The new substation has two 250 MVA autotransformers, 44 cells of 10 kV indoor switchgear and 2 open switchgears of 220 and 110 kV.

In 2017, JSC "SEZ" received a permit for the exploitation of road and engineering infrastructure in the SEZ "Lipetsk". This permit was issued for the commissioning of road and engineering infrastructure facilities of the 2nd stage of the 1st launch complex on the territory of the industrial SEZ "Lipetsk".

The 4-lane highway, which allowed transport residents of the 1st and 2nd queues with access to the main road «Lipetsk-Gryazi» and the industrial zone of the Lipetsk region, was included in the transport infrastructure. Objects of engineering infrastructure are rainwater drainage networks with treatment facilities that provide withdrawal of sewage after rain and melting snow, as well as are intended for cleaning industrial sewage from industrial sites of resident companies and the territory of the SEZ.

Industrial SEZ «Tolyatti»

On October 19, 2017 in the special economic zone "Togliatti", the second phase of the infrastructure was launched. Now 427 hectares of the territory of the Tolyatti SEZ, and this is about 70% of the total area, are provided with all the necessary energy resources for connecting almost any production. With the launch of the second stage for the SEZ, new perspectives and challenges are opening up. Currently, in the SEZ "Togliatti" it is possible to implement any projects, including very large ones, with a large consumption of energy resources.

Moreover, in 2017 in the special economic zone "Togliatti" the construction of a fire station has been completed. Permission to put the facility into operation was received. The final inspection of the State Inspectorate of Construction Supervision of the Samara Region boiler house to the fire station was carried out at the site. Based on its results, a conclusion was issued on the compliance of the constructed object with the requirements of the current regulatory documentation. The fire station will ensure the security of the entire territory of the SEZ, as well as the nearby villages of the Stavropol district of the Samara region.

Industrial SEZ «Alabuga»

In the Special Economic Zone "Alabuga" the construction of its own fire station is being completed, which will serve the residents. Own fire protection service on the territory of the SEZ was established with the goal of increasing the investment attractiveness of Alabuga. To meet the high requirements of fire safety in 2016, it was decided to construct its own fire station for 6 cars.

Industrial SEZ «Moglino»

The management company of the SEZ “Moglino” started the construction of a model plant in May 2017 due to the growing need of investors in ready-to-use production facilities. In the model factory under construction, pre-order is opened for the lease of industrial premises from 450 sq. m. Applications from manufacturers of hardware products, small vessels and auto components are already being considered. A company that received the status of a resident of the SEZ can rent a space. The company that placed its production here is subject to tax holidays and customs preferences of the free customs zone regime.

Industrial SEZ «Titanium Valley»

On May 10, the administration of Verkhnaya Salda district issued a permit for the commissioning of an in-site gas pipeline (1-2 stages) to the management company of the SEZ “Titanium Valley”. After the delivery of this facility to the special economic zone «Titanium Valley», a phased launch of the gas supply system begins. The length of the high-pressure in-site gas pipeline of the II category (0.6 MPa) is 2.79 km: the networks are divided into sections of current and potential residents. The permitted network capacity is 20 000 m3 / hour. This amount is enough to provide gas to residents' factories on the territory of 295 hectares, as well as to the perspective development of the site.

On November 1 in the SEZ "Titanium Valley" will? start the procedure of free customs zone (STZ). After the Verkhnaya Salda customs post of the Yekaterinburg Customs starts work in the “Titanium Valley”, residents will be able to use the benefits of a free customs procedure. In particular, companies will not pay VAT and duties on the import of foreign equipment and raw materials to the territory of the special economic zone "Titanium Valley". The residents of Ural Boeing Manufacturing and Zibus LLC are the first to use the Free Customs Zone procedure. In November they will start importing machines and other production equipment. In the near future, the management company of the SEZ will transfer the facilities of customs infrastructure to Ekaterinburg customs. Currently, the procedure for commissioning the customs complex is finalizing, the construction of which began last year.

Industrial SEZ «Lotos»

Construction of an engineering infrastructure began in the Astrakhan SEZ. PJSC “SEZ” Lotus”has signed a contract with «Master Group», the winner of an open tender for the construction of the engineering infrastructure of the special economic zone“Lotos”". An agreement was signed for the design and construction of the «Astrakhan Energy Company-Holding LLC»,the 220 kV “Lotos” substation with a maximum capacity of 80 MW. The need for its construction is related to the growing need of SEZ residents in large volumes of electricity. The volume of investment in the project, according to the company's business plan, will be more than 714 million rubles. It is planned to commission the facility in the fourth quarter of 2018. At the substation will be additionally created up to 30 jobs. The general director of SEZ "Lotos" Sergey Milushkin commented this: "Signing an agreement with the first infrastructure investor is very important for us and the whole project. We have been working towards this for a long time, and a lot of work was done jointly with the Government of the Astrakhan region to attract extra-budgetary sources of financing in the SEZ "Lotos". And it continues. With the commissioning of the 220 kV “Lotos” substation, we will provide the first residents with the necessary amount of electricity, which will enable us to start the plants on time and start production. In the future, with the increase in the number of residents, it is planned to build a second similar substation of the 220 kV “Narimanovo” substation with an output of 80 MW. Prior to the commissioning of the first substation, the existing substation "Zavodskaya" MO "City of Narimanov" will provide power supply for the facilities under construction in the territory of the SEZ "LOTOS". Thus, residents are provided with the necessary capacities at all stages of project implementation ".

Industrial SEZ «Uzlovaya»

JSC "Development Corporation of the Tula region" completed the construction and equipment of the first stage of construction of the objects of customs infrastructure on the territory of the industrial special economic zone "Uzlovaya". The customs control zone in the SEZ was established with the goal of applying the procedure of the free trade zone (FTZ) for the importation of the equipment of «Engelsspetstrubmash» LLC. The resident of the SEZ has already successfully carried out the import of equipment under the FTZ regime. Construction of facilities of customs infrastructure JSC "Development Corporation of the Tula region" plans to implement for the existing residents of the SEZ in 8 stages until October 2019.

Technological SEZ «Saint Petersburg»

JSC "SEZ" summed up the construction season of 2017 in the territory of the technological special economic zone in St. Petersburg (the Novoorlovskaya site). The works on the installation of all engineering networks have been successfully completed: heat supply (8.5 km), water supply (12.6 km), electricity (75.6 km, including 24 TP and RTP), household and storm sewage with treatment facilities (16.6 km), communications networks (101.3 km), in-site lighting, alarm and video surveillance (109.6 km), in-site roads (7.7 km), customs complex (area 29,754 sq.m., includes an administrative building of customs, inspection and weighing platforms, a boxing inspection, a garage for 5 car places and 4 checkpoints). At present, the conclusion of the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service of St. Petersburg on the compliance of the constructed facilities with the requirements of technical regulations, norms and rules was received, moreover documents were submitted for obtaining a permit for commissioning. The constructed infrastructure of the SEZ already fulfills its functions - it provides the residents with the necessary engineering and technical resources in full scale.

Technological SEZ «Technopolis «Moscow»

An administrative and business center (ADC) with an exhibition hall was put into operation at the «Alabushevo» site. The building of ADC is a modern 9-storey high-tech building with 2 and 3-storeyed stylobate parts with a total area of 17 886 sq.m. Water supply - 2427.85 m3 / day, water disposal - 1848.77 m3 / day, thermal energy - 184.29 Gcal / hour, electricity - 117.00 MW. The total area of leased premises for residents of the SEZ is 8421.8 sq.m. Permission was granted for commissioning of the object "Internal engineering networks (step 7.2.-7.4.) In the structure: in-ground gutters, sewerage, water and heating networks, supplying 10 kV cable lines, RTP and TP, in-site roads of SEZ in the territory of Moscow - 2.2. stage".

Technological special economic zone in the territory of Moscow received permission to commission the object "Intrasite engineering networks (stage 7.1) as part of: in-site drainage, sewage, water and heat networks supplying 10 kV, RTP and TP cable lines, in-site roads (stage 1) ".

The construction of this facility provides residents of the SEZ on the «Alabushevo» site with electricity, heating, water supply, communications, sewerage, as well as in-site roads and thoroughfares. The main engineering structure in the structure of the facility is a cable collector that connects the power facilities of the «Alabushevo» site with the Sigma substation. The commissioning of this facility completed the creation of the SEZ power system on the «Alabushevo» site.

At present, all the SEZ infrastructure facilities have been built and put into operation at the «Alabushevo» site, including the customs infrastructure with checkpoints.

Technological SEZ «Dubna»

On October 20, solemn launch of gas on a new gas pipeline to the boiler-house of the SEZ "Dubna" took place. The boiler house will supply the heat carrier to industrial enterprises of residents, as well as provide heat to social infrastructure facilities located on the territory adjacent to the SEZ. The commissioning of a new gas pipeline, the start-up of a boiler house, the construction of a bridge across the Volga - all this will create comfortable conditions for the activities of existing residents and the attractiveness of the SEZ "Dubna" for future investors.

TouristicSEZ «Turquoise Katun»

JSC "SEZ" completed the construction of infrastructure in the SEZ "Turquoise Katun". On December 11, 2017 in the SEZ "Turquoise Katun" a solemn event was held on the occasion of the completion by JSC "SEZ" the construction of the last infrastructure facility "Underground Water Intake", which will secure the supply of clean drinking water to the territory of the current special economic zone. The maximum volume of delivery of drinking water for the facility to be commissioned will be 4150 m3 per day, and for firefighting needs - 91 liters per second, which will ensure the water supply not only for existing buildings and structures in the SEZ "Turquiose Katun", but also provide an opportunity to secure quality economic services - household services with the prospect of developing the SEZ for years to come. The event was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, the Government of the Altai Territory, JSC "SEZ", JSC "SEZ TRT" Turquoise Katun. "

All the participants of this event noted the timeliness of implementation the instructions of Government of the Russian Federation on completion the construction of SEZ facilities and their transfer to the regions.

On December 18, 2017 JSC "Special Economic Zones" received permission to commission engineering infrastructure facilities on the territory of the SEZ "Turquoise Katun": water supply networks with a length of 21.5 km, heat supply - 6.72 km, gas pipeline - 20.34 km, as well as transformer substations, electricity supply networks and sewerage.

These facilities meet all the needs of existing residents of the SEZ and create great prospects for this modern, actively developing site.

Logistic SEZ «Ulyanovsk»

The management company of the SEZ "Ulyanovsk" received permission from the Architecture and Urban Development Agency of the Ulyanovsk region to commission an off-site gas pipeline. Its length is 9.59 km (diameter 426 mm), the network capacity is up to 50 million m3 per year (19.5 thousand cubic meters per hour). This amount is enough to provide gas to existing and future residents of the SEZ, including the prospective development of the site. The first consumers were the residents of the SEZ - JSC "PROMTEH-Ulyanovsk" and "T1" LLC. Also, the boiler houses of the customs infrastructure facilities and the industrial park building with an area of 14,000 sq.m. will be connected to the gas.

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