19 January 2018
JSC “Special Economic Zones” released an updated version of the product catalog of residents of the SEZ.

The prepared version of the catalog presents more than 200 items of goods and services from a wide range of industries. The fullest information is provided not only on goods produced by SEZ residents, but also information on their services. The new Catalog is characterized by its colorful design, which includes many photographs of goods and services.

The products in the catalog are presented both by industry and regional signs – with the indication of SEZ, as well as with the ability to search products alphabetically. In addition, it contains a description of the product, technical specifications, raw materials used, components and a list of export countries.

The idea of the catalog remained the same - it is an opportunity for potential investors and operating residents to get acquainted with the products produced in SEZ and to use the information received for the needs of cooperation, product promotion, search for new suppliers, buyers and partners. All these actions will lead to lower costs and cost of products.

You can find the English version of the catalogue following this link

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