126 new residents and more than 260 bln rubles of attracted investments - Special Economic Zones summed up the results of the year.

25 December 2017
On 25 December, Deputy General Director Dmitry Golosov, who supervises the issues of promotion of the SEZ, and Ilya Pomigalov, who is in charge of financial and legal activities, presented the results of the Special Economic Zones in the outgoing year.

Among the most significant achievements was the growth in the number of residents to 637, 100 of them are foreign companies, as well as the implementation of the plan to attract 260 billion rubles of investments. At the same time, the activity of companies located in special economic zones has allowed to create more than 25 000 jobs in the regions, as well as to ensure receipt of 67.8 billion rubles in the country`s budget in the form of tax and customs deductions.

Speaking about the results of the particular territories, Dmitry Golosov noted the continuous development of infrastructure opportunities – SEZ “Zelenograd” expanded its area by including the territories of Technopolis “Moscow” and “Angstrem” (32.4 hectares and 15.2 hectares respectively). SEZ “Lipetsk” increased the capacity of power systems by putting into operation a new power substation. SEZ “Turquoise Katun” launched water and gas supply systems, as well as the complex of drainage and treatment facilities.

Pharmaceutical sector was actively developing in the SEZ in 2017 – almost in all production areas the construction of factories was started or the industrial production of leading domestic and world companies was launched. Thus, the construction of the plants Granat Bio Tech LLC, PSK-Pharma LLC and Fabrika PTT LLC started in SEZ “Dubna”, the plant of Pharmsintez-Nord JSC was opened in SEZ “Saint-Petersburg”, in SEZ “Lotos” there was groundbreaking of the production complex of MedInTech LLC.

Industrial production also showed a significant positive development within the SEZ in the outgoing year. So, on the territory of SEZ “Moglino” Nor-Maali company (Finland) launched the plant for the production of paint materials, in SEZ “Alabuga” production of subsrates of Grodan trademark and production of mineral fertilizers of INKO-TEK Agro Alabuga have been underway, the battery factory of Bars Technology LLC was successfully commissioned. The Togliatti paper factory, located in SEZ “Togliatti”, was put into test operation, in SEZ “Lipetsk” the company Viessmann Lipetsk LLC launched the production. And this is only a small part of industrial productions, which started operations in 2017.

Moreover, the production facilities that were commissioned earlier successfully operate. So, shipyard “Lotos” started construction of a dry cargo ship project RSD-49. The Company Agro-Invest LLC successfully implemented the project of creation the world`s largest greenhouse complex with LED lightning in SEZ “Kaluga”. Also within the presentation of the results of 2017, Dmitry Golosov and Alexey Poroshin, General Director of the Information and Consulting Center for Financial and Credit support and also a member of the General Council of All Russia Public Organization “Business Russia”, signed an agreement on cooperation and joint activity in investment sphere.


The agreement presumes that in order to develop activities at the Russian and international levels, the parties will support each other in several areas, primarily in attracting loans for residents. According to Dmitry Golosov, “Special Economic Zones” JSC already actively cooperates with experts in providing services in attracting investment, credit and financial resources for the development of the projects, and plans to increase the pace of interaction in this area.

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