The new investment projects on 1 bln. rubles were accepted in SEZs

17 October 2013
October 17, 2013. The Expert Council of Industrial SEZs with the Ministry of Economic Development accepted in innovational SEZs “Dubna” and “Zelenograd” and in industrial SEZ “Alabuga” 4 new residents with the total amount of declared investments of more than 1 bln. rubles. With these projects the total amount of declared investments in Russian special economic zones exceeded 420 bln. rubles.

Mikhail Trushko, Head of RUSSEZ:

RUSSEZ increases the number of Russian high-tech projects that improve the quality of life of our citizens. The new residents of RUSSEZ will raise the quality of medical laboratory services in our hospitals; and will protect Russian citizens against Internet muggers. It’s important to notice that “Interskol” became the first resident that will develop innovational activity in industrial SEZ. The new engineering centre right near the plant will allow the company to organize experimental designs. And then the new instruments with the innovational collector-free electric drive will be put into serial production. These instruments provide significant improvement of energy efficiency and capacity of production.      


New residents


SEZ “Zelenograd” 


“ANKAD”, Ltd. The company elaborates hardware-generated defense facilities against unauthorized access to information, systems of network protection, modules of confidential loading (electronic locks), systems of access delineation, electronic locks “Rutoken” and much more. The total amount of declared investments is about 1 bln. rubles.




 “MLT”, Ltd. The company elaborates and produces medical equipment for treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as well as the equipment that is used in hematology, oncology, cytology, microbiology. The company has over 20 years experience in elaboration of the equipment for clinical diagnostics, its production can be found in more than 60 countries all over the world. The total amount of declared investments is about 28 mln. rubles. The clients are Russian and foreign medical foundations.  


 “Promtech-service”, CJSC. The company elaborates technologies of remount services for electrical equipment and for other board systems of the Russian space, missile and aerial techniques. The total amount of declared investments is 7.8 mln. rubles. Among the clients are almost all significant producers of the Russian aerial, helicopter, missile and space flying techniques.

  SEZ “Alabuga”

 “Engineering centre “Interskol”, Ltd. – engineering and trial centre, in which about 15 new experimental models of the electric tools will be elaborated each year. The amount of declared investments is 95 mln. rubles. In the future it could be increased up to 450 mln. rubles with the launch of the experimental production and the construction of the accommodation for “Interskol” employees working in SEZ. “Interskol” CJSC has already begun in SEZ “Alabuga” the construction of the plant of electric tools with the estimated cost of 1.5 bln. rubles.  


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