CIE Automotive will construct the plant in SEZ Togliatti for 1,9 bln. rub.

9 October 2013
9th of October, 2013. The investment project of CIE Automotive (Spain) adopted is SEZ ”Togliatti” by Expert Council for Industrial SEZs with Ministry of Economic Development.
In SEZ Togliatti CIE Automotive will construct the plant of cast aluminum engine parts producing. Total amount of investment is 1,9 bln. rubles. Constriction of the plant will begin in 1st quarter of 2014, putting into operation – the 3rd quarter of 2015. Production capacity will reach 6,5 thousand tons/year.

 The assortment of CIE Automotive plant in the SEZ "Togliatti":

alternator bracket

camshaft bearing housing

camshaft bearing housing front

cover the camshaft drive to collect

head cover assembly

crankcase oil

thermostat housing

In  SEZ "Togliatti" the company stepwise plans to develop: firstly, CIE Automotive will manufacture engine components for AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan alliance; secondly – an increasing production capacity to work with other automakers, represented on Russian market.

Head of RUSSEZ Mikhail Trushko

In SEZ “Togliatti” the largest manufacturers of automotive cluster from Germany and Japan is constantly forming. Today they were joined by a company from Spain - CIE Automotive. Competitive  automobile manufacturing  begins with a sequential development of key areas of the industry. SEZ “Togliatti” cluster have a strategic function – attracts the whole range of areas of Russian automotive modern technologies and expertise. 

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