New residents of Industrial SEZs invest 21,3 bln rubles

9 October 2013
The 9th of October 2013. The Expert Council for Industrial SEZs with the Ministry of Economic Development accepted 4 new residents from Russia and Spain.. And the other actual resident from Italy received the permission to increase investments in SEZ project. Total amount of project investments adopted by the Ministry of Economic Development consists of 21,3 bln. Rubles.

So, the total amount of declared investments in Russian SEZs exceeded 418 bln rubles.

Head of RUSSEZ Mikhail Trushko

As a result of Expert Council,  the cluster of auto components in SEZ Togliatti will be reinforced by Spanish company CIE Automotive. SEZ Togliatti constantly attracts to Russian auto industry essential technologies and competencies. By the way, the emphasis ion the development of industrial parks within the SEZ system is justified: in SEZ “Alabuga” for example the industrial infrastructure of “Sinergy” area allows the company “KamGeoTeks” to start the production already in January 2014.

New residents

CIE Automotive (SEZ Togliatti) is a large producer of auto components from India that will start the production of cast aluminum engine parts for the alliance AvtoVAZ-Renault-Nissan. The total amount of investments is about 1,9 bln rub. The Constriuction of the plant will begin in the 1st quarter of 2014, and the operation process– in the 3rd quarter of 2015. Production capacity will reach 6,5 thousand tons/year. It is planned that the resident will attract Russian suppliers.

"KamGeoTeks", LTD (SEZ "Alabuga") is the organization of modern enterprise of high-strength woven geogribs. Products are used in modern hydraulic engineering, road and rail construction, including difficult environmental and geotechnical conditions.  The total amount of investments is equal to 456.8 million rubles. It is planned that the company will be organized at the facilities of the industrial park "Synergy" and put into operation in January 2014.

"Techna", LTD (SEZ "Lipetsk") is an enterprise that will produce modern systems of perimeter fencing and cages for poultry. Investments in the project will amount 792.9 million rubles. Resident plans to take up 25% of the Russian market, and the products will also be delivered to CIS and Baltic countries.

“Lipetsk wagon-building plant ANT”, LTD will produce the railcars with improved exploitative characteristics. Total amount of investments is 17,5 bln. rubles.

Expansion of existing investment projects

Sest-Luve, LTD (SEZ Lipetsk) is a resident from Italy that expands production of evaporators, condensers and heat exchangers. The total amount of additional investments is 611 mln. rubles. The number of jobs will be increased to 201. 


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