Vietnam considers Dubna SEZ as a future partner

18 April 2019
A representative delegation from Vietnam visited the Dubna SEZ. The guests visited both sites and saw from the inside the work of modern production and the medical products of PASCAL MEDICAL company plant.

In Vietnam, there are various state programs for the high technologies’ development. However, today, in order to promote innovative products to its own and foreign markets, active support of the scientific and business circles is necessary. Therefore, including, Vietnam is a member state of the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (JINR) in Dubna and has been cooperating with this international scientific center. And now the country has become interested in partnerships with the Dubna SEZ and its residents.

“Vietnam has recently begun to invest in the region near Moscow,” commented the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow region Government, Vadim Khromov. - With the participation of Vietnamese capital, projects are being implemented related to the production of light industry goods, agricultural products, and dairy cattle breeding. We are interested in the development of joint projects on the territory of the Moscow region and we will be happy if the partnership in the field of high technologies will be actively developed.

A delegation led by Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Chang Van Tung, and Chang Ti Than, President of the Atomic Energy Institute (VINATOM), visited the Dubna special economic zone for the first time with such an expanded membership. 16 representatives of the Ministry, Institute, Administration and Scientific Institutions of Dong Nai Province, the pharmaceutical company Bach Khang (Hanoi) were accompanied by Sergey Kulikov, the Head of the Scientific Experimental Department of the Neutron Physics Laboratory of JINR.

Before acquainting guests with the infrastructure and resident enterprises, a presentation of the territory and special conditions for companies implementing their projects here, took place at the Congress Center of the Special Economic Zone. Deputy General Director of JSC SEZ Dubna on investments and innovations Peter Permyakov focused on the preferences for investors and their active support by the regional authorities. For example, for promising projects, the government of the Moscow region provides various grants, assistance is provided to speed up the passage of various permits.

After the presentation, the delegation from Vietnam were shown infrastructure facilities at both SEZ sites, resident enterprises that are being built and are operating, which are already producing innovative products. At the PASCAL MEDICAL factory, the guests were shown the process of producing disposable medical syringes, including three-component proprietary syringes. The resident has already invested in the project about 2 billion rubles.

“Today, our country is actively pursuing a policy of attracting foreign investment in projects using the latest technologies,” said Deputy Minister of Science and Technology of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, Chang Van Tung. - We know that the SEZ in Dubna is one of the most attractive sites for Russian business and there are many unique enterprises with which we were introduced today. In Vietnam, there are ideas for creating such zones, and Dubna’s experience will definitely come in handy. Therefore, we consider the SEZ and its residents as potential partners for future cooperation, for example, in such areas as pharmaceuticals and nuclear physical technologies.

Pictured: during a visit to the PASCAL MEDICAL resident's plant.

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