SEZ Dubna replenished four residents with investments of 43 million rubles

27 March 2019
Alfa Engineering one of the four residents of the Dubna SEZ, will create an enterprise for the production of car brake systems on its territory and will invest more than 29 million rubles in the project.

Alfa Engineering LLC defended its business plan at the technical innovation expert council under the government of the Moscow region, which was conducted on March 27 by the deputy chairman of the government Vadim Khromov.

On the territory of the special economic zone Dubna the company Alpha Engineering plans to develop and produce brake systems for cars, as well as their components. In order to reduce the weight of products, the brake caliper will be made of aluminum, and the brake disc will be assembled from a cast iron ring and a central hub made of aluminum. Reducing the weight and increasing the performance of these products will save on fuel, increase acceleration and braking dynamics of modern powerful cars, which fully complies with the current world standards for the automotive industry.

The new resident of the SEZ Dubna has reliable partners and contractors. Together with specialists from the Central Research Automotive and Automotive Institute NAMI (Moscow), research and development will be carried out, 3D printing of the final product nodes is planned, as well as certification of the final product on the basis of the institute. In the Oksid NGO (Lubercy), work will be carried out on finishing (sandblasting) processing, anodizing and painting products.

For the project implementation, Alpha Engineering plans to rent 480 sq. M. meters of space in the new Innovation and Technology Center on the right bank area of the SEZ Dubna, the construction of which has already been completed. The company will invest 29.2 million rubles in the project and will create at least 27 high-performance jobs.

The resident of the SEZ Dubna intends to deliver innovative products to the conveyors of Russian automakers, as well as for export. In the future, its own dealership network will be created in the Russian Federation from large service stations and car tuning companies. Toyota and Mazda have a preliminary interest in this. It is planned to supply brake calipers on the program of local accessories for the domestic market, and after fixing products in Russia - its output to the markets of Western Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

The members of the Expert Council approved changes to the existing agreements on the implementation of activities on the territory of the Dubna SEZ to three residents - the companies Gracis-Tech, PASCAL MEDICAL and NPO TRANSKOMSOFT. The changes concerned the increase in the area of the facilities proposed for construction, the total amount of investment in the project, the adjustment of activities, the timing of the office construction and industrial complexes and other issues.

It is worth saying that the day before, three more companies defended their projects at a business meeting in the Ministry of Investments and Innovations of the Moscow Region in order to obtain the status of a resident of the Dubna SEZ under a simplified scheme - without their consideration by the Expert Council. The meeting was held by Deputy Minister Anton Loginov. According to business plans, they will invest about 14 million rubles in projects and will create 40 jobs.

Thus, after signing agreements with new investors on the implementation of technical innovation activities in the territory of the Moscow Region special economic zone, the number of its residents will be 154 companies.

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