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25 December 2018
In 2018 the Russian SEZ Residents launched new plants, expanded their production and started producing new products.

Industrial SEZ

SEZ “Alabuga”


On 14 May a new service metal center “MMK-Coşkunoz-Alabuga”was opened in SEZ «Alabuga”. The plant for the production of blanks for stamping car body parts is a joint project of Magnitogorsk metallurgic integrated plant and the existing Resident “Coşkunoz-Alabuga”.



On 22 August 4 new plants were launched in SEZ “Alabuga”. All 4 plants are situated on the territory of the Industrial Park “Synergy” – a complex of ready-made production premises provided for rent. “ST Alabuga” launched production of passenger minibuses, trucks and special vehicles. “SMIT” launched production of pre-insulated polyurethane foam pipe products for the needs of heat and oil and gas industry. The plant “Rostoner” is the first Russian production of toners and cartridges for copiers. The company “Russian Waх” launched production of polyethylene wax.

On 6 September the company “Danaflex” launched production of flexible packaging materials in SEZ “Alabuga”.


On 2 October the ceremony of launching the production of substrates for plants “Grodan” took place in SEZ “Alabuga”. The company “Grodan” belongs to the “Rockwool” group.


SEZ “Lipetsk”

On 25 April a potato processing plant was launched in SEZ “Lipetsk”. This is the most large-scale Russian plant for French fries production built by the joint venture of Russian group “Belaya Dacha” and “Lamb Weston/Meijer” which is the world leader for potato production.


On 23 May the Belgian company “Bekaert” specializing in specializing in the production of steel cord for the automotive industry and steel fiber for the construction industry, launched a new galvanization line at its plant in SEZ “Lipetsk”.


On 14 August a special event dedicated to the completion of the infrastructure arrangement of the Gryazinsky site took place in SEZ “Lipetsk”.

On 25 September the company “Schlumberger”officially opened their modern plant for the production of components of electric submersible pump units in SEZ “Lipetsk”.



SEZ “Moglino”

On 15 February the Pskov region and JSC “Russian Railways” signed an agreement on the implementation of a project to create a transport and logistics hub.


On 21 August at the SEZ “Moglino” Expert Council session the business-plan of Pskov plant “Titan-Polimer” was approved. This company has become the largest investor in SEZ “Moglino”.


SEZ “Togliatti”

In April the company “Nobel Automotive Russia” launched their new production line in SEZ “Togliatti”. In the frame of the new project 8 modern injection molding machines were bought and put into operation as well as 20 new jobs were created. Currently all production processes are adjusted to modern requirements of the quality management system, and export deliveries are organized.


SEZ “Titamium Valley”

On 13 June the company “Zibus”, which is the manufacturer of medical components made of titanium, launched their production in SEZ “Titanium Valley”.


In August an official agreement on SEZ “Titanium Valley” expanding was signed.


SEZ “Uzlovaya”

On 25 September the company “AgroGrib”launched the mushroom cultivation production in SEZ “Uzlovaya”.


SEZ “Lotos”

On 7 November the company “Hexa-Lotos” launched a full-cycle production line of a unique geosynthetic fabric for roads in SEZ “Lotos”.


Innovative SEZ


SEZ “Dubna”

On 28 February an official agreement on expanding SEZ “Dubna” was signed. The territory of SEZ “Dubna” is increased by 30 hectares.


On 25 June the company “Eiliton” launched a unique automated line for the production of vacuum tubes for collecting venous blood in SEZ “Dubna


On 2 July the company “Media KST” introduced a new solution to the b2b market for arranging business trips. For large companies it is more than a usual service. By purchasing the SEZ “Dubna” Resident software they not only avoid expenses but almost save their own money.


On 6 August the developers of the company “Nordavind-Dubna” presented the first version of the PROVER video content authentication technology to users.


In October in SEZ “Dubna” began the assembly of modern television equipment. Production Association "Perspective" presented the first sample of its products - the new KT-73 television camera. The latest generation of equipment meets all modern requirements of television production.


In December in SEZ “Dubna”at “Promtech-Dubna” plant a new production line for the production of power aviation wires for the new Russian medium-haul passenger aircraft MS-21 was opened.



SEZ “Innopolis”

On 16 June the company “Shneider Electric: opened the center for the development of industrial IT-solutions in SEZ “Innopolis”.


On 8 November in SEZ “Innopolis” the production of modern oscilloscopes by “KOMZ Measurements” was launched.


SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”

On 26 July the resident of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”the company“Ankad” received a new patent for a utility model - a device for monitoring the integrity of the components of the software environment of computer equipment


In June-July the resident of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” the company “Elteks” ensured uninterrupted broadcast of FIFA-2018.


In June 2018 the RFID-tag for fan passport to the World Cup was developed by the resident of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” “Micron”.


In August the resident of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” “Micron” developed and mastered the production chain of RFID inlays for freight and baggage monitoring in airport transport terminals.


In October microcontroller MIK51AD144D for ID-documents and smart-cards developed by “Molecular Electronics Research Institute”and produced by “Micron”, the residents of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”, was awarded with the industrial award “Golden Chip 2018” in the nomination “The best product of electronic component base 2017-2018”.


In November microcontroller MIK51BC16D developed by “Molecular Electronics Research Institute” and produced by “Micron”, the residents of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”, for using in debit cards including Russian national payment system “World” passed the final qualifying selection of the National prize “Priority-2018” in the field of import substitution and nominated for the title of winner of the competition in the nomination "Electronics.


In November ISBC, the leading Russian manufacturer of RFID-identifiers and access control leaders, together with “Micron”, the largest manufacturer and exporter of microelectronics in Russia, the resident of SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow” represent the first Russian access control system (ACS) with Russian encryption standards for objects of critical information infrastructure and state information systems ESMART®.


On 30 November in SEZ “Technopolis “Moscow”the company «Energy Group” put into operation the Data Center on 21 MVA


SEZ “St. Petersburg”

On 10 September “Rushleb Issledovaniya”launched the plant for baking mixes and dry fermentation products in SEZ “St. Petersburg”.


On 3 October in SEZ “St. Petersburg” the opening of the Resident’s “TR Engineering” enterprise took place. The Resident’s project involves development and production of innovative materials on the basis of high-strength corrosion-resistant wire for engineering protection of the territory from dangerous geological processes.


In October in SEZ “St. Petersburg” the launch of the first pharmaceuticals production of a full-cycle of the Resident “Novartis Neva” took place.


On 28 November the Resident “BIOCAD” became the winner of the 5th annual competition “The best innovative product of St. Petersburg-2018” in the field of medicine, biotechnologies and pharmaceuticals.


In November the brand “Alerana” by SEZ “St. Petersburg” Resident “Vertex” became the winner of the annual national prize “National brand”.


On 4 December in SEZ “St. Petersburg” the opening of the largest in CIS enterprise on research, development and production of x-ray equipment for Innovative Center “Burevestnik” industrial and scientific purposes took place.


SEZ “Zavidovo”

In July in SEZ “Zavidovo” the hotel “Yamskaya”, made in the style of Tver wooden architecture of the late 19th century, was opened. House carving is made by local craftsmen in the traditional manner for the Tver region.

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