28 November 2019
The Association of European Businesses (AEB) with the support of the independent expert organization MonDef FOMALHÄUT held an open event dedicated to the Russian special economic zones and the peculiarities of localization in the SEZs. The event has been attended by representatives of business, in particular AEB member companies, representatives of industry associations, consulting companies, as well as foreign embassies in Russia.

Diana Ismakova, director of the department of JSC «Special Economic Zones» told the participants about the best localization practices and the advantages of Russian SEZs.

«Special economic zones remain one of the most popular and effective tools for economic development throughout the world. Due to the conditions that the government provides on the territory of the SEZs, companies can launch their production in the shortest possible time. Such events, like today’s, confirm the interest of business in the SEZ and the willingness of investors to invest in projects in Russia», – commented Diana Ismakova.

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