Resident of the Special Economic Zone Dubna starts the production of devices for the cancer treatment

19 June 2019
At the first medical linear accelerator production plant in Russia located in the Special Economic Zone Dubna, the company PTT Fabrika begins assembling devices for radiation therapy of oncological diseases. With the release of the enterprise at full capacity, the products of the resident can take up to 50% of the domestic market

A socially significant project on the territory of the Moscow Region Special Economic Zone in Dubna, its resident LLC Radiotherapeutic Equipment Factory, is implementing in partnership with the largest manufacturer of medical equipment Varian Medical Systems (USA). From the American side, there is a ready-made technology for own radiation therapy system and support in its development, from the Russian side - provision of land, infrastructure and tax benefits for the period of the investment stage, construction of an enterprise with a total area of 2.3 thousand square meters, organization of production.

It is very important that the products will be competitive, and their production in the Moscow region is economically much more profitable than in the United States, - says the Deputy Chairman of the Moscow region Government Vadim Khromov. - The total investment in the project amounted to about 900 million rubles. The planned revenues after the enterprise reaches its full capacity is more than 3 billion rubles a year.

Vadim Khromov noted that the resident complies with all the obligations undertaken. An agreement of intent was signed on the margins of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum in 2016 by Moscow region Governor Andrei Vorobyov and Executive Vice President of Varian Medical Systems, Inc. Collin Kennedy., Laying the commemorative capsule into the foundation of the future enterprise took place in June 2017, the facility was commissioned in December 2018, and today the company is already starting to assemble high-tech cancer treatment equipment.

“As part of our production complex, three assembly posts are equipped, each of which can ensure the release of 20–25 devices per year,” - explains Dmitry Sosnov, deputy general director of PTT Factory. - Our engineering team has completed two and a half months training courses at Varian factories in the USA and China, our own factory completed the implementation of a quality management system, and the certification procedure of the company according to ISO 13485 is completed. In general, at this stage, when we are just starting an independent we consider the task of quality assurance to be paramount!

So that healthy organs and tissues are not injured, the whole modern development of radiation therapy equipment comes down to two main tasks: to ensure precise dose delivery to the target with minimal irradiation of healthy cells. A wide range of technologies and devices is used for this.

On the basis of the new enterprise in Dubna, two models of modern radiation therapy devices will be released, differing in radiation power and a set of functions. This is a low-energy apparatus Unique and a high-energy apparatus Clinac iX. Unique is the basic model on which most modern functions are available: portal visualization, radiotherapy with intensity modulation (IMRT), volume-modulated irradiation (VMAT). Clinac iX is the main model and, besides the listed methods, radiosurgery is also available on it. By the way, this is the most common Varian model - more than 5000 Clinac devices of different generations are installed worldwide.

Now the company PTT Fabrika uses components for American-made radiation therapy devices, but already two years later it plans to buy the least technologically advanced ones from domestic suppliers. The equipment will be much cheaper than the current English or American counterparts. The resident of the Special Economic Zone Dubna has already received the first orders for accelerators, and in the future it expects to meet Russia's needs for high-tech devices for radiotherapy of oncological diseases and receive up to 50% of the volume of orders in the framework of the national project. The investor intends to create about 20 workplaces at the new automated enterprise.

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