More than 300 people became participants of the job fair in the SEZ Dubna

10 June 2019
A job fair, a graffiti contest and a cybersport championship - more than 300 people took part in those three events organized by the managing company of the special economic zone Dubna last weekend.

Sunday June 9th was a productive day off for potential employers - residents of the Dubna special economic zone and for those who are fond of graffiti and eSports. It would seem that absolutely incompatible events and hobbies, nevertheless, united their participants and made that day not only interesting, eventful, but also useful in all respects. The management company of the Special Economic Zone Dubna regularly organizes a job fair at the Congress Center, and that time it was combined with the holding of a graffiti competition "Innovations in Colors" and the final of the SEZ DUBNA CUP championship in eSports. This made it possible to gather residents, university students, artists, and residents of the science city at a single site — altogether more than 300 people.

The main event was a job fair, which was held with the support of the Ministry of Education of the Moscow region. Students of the University Dubna and other universities in the Moscow region were invited to it. The resident companies of the SEZ were offering employment in their enterprises. The vacancies and career opportunities for graduates and specialists on that day were demonstrated by 15 companies, including such large enterprises as FRERUS, PASCAL MEDICAL, ADLABS and others.

The fair participants were greeted by Igor Isaev, Deputy General Director of the Dubna SEZ JSC. He noted that today 154 residents have already created about 4 thousand jobs in the special economic zone, and plan to bring this figure to 9 thousand for the next 6-7 years, wished the job seekers to find their dream job, and SEZ investors to have qualified specialists.

The fair began with the signing of an agreement under the target training program for resident companies. The document was signed by Inna Zhukova, Deputy General Director for Personnel of PROMTECH-Dubna JSC, and Kirill Nikolayev, a ninth grade schoolboy of the sponsored SEZ gymnasium No. 3. He is going to go to the College of the State University Dubna and, in his opinion, training in such a modern enterprise, and in the future work on high-tech equipment will give him good prospects for future career growth.

“After signing such agreements, we, as a commercial organization, can now send university and college students to study the specialties necessary for the enterprise, that is, to engage in targeted training,” - comments Inna Zhukova. - A job fair case is necessary, here is a fairly wide range of specialties that are required for resident companies.

In just half an hour after the opening of the fair, HR specialist at FRERUS LLC Elena Romanova has more than 20 resumes for various vacancies:

- We have already built the company and we hope to launch it in full at the end of this year. Staff required for production validation has already been recruited. However, we are planning a hire specialists before launching it. These will be mainly working specialties, office support, financial specialists. The company also needs mechanical engineers, equipment technicians, a staff at the microbiology laboratory - we have a large quality department, respectively, we need microbiologists and laboratory assistants, as well as quality specialists.

Maria Klyonova arrived in Dubna from Taldom, she is a second-year student. After graduation, she dreams of staying in the science city. The girl is sure that such a company as FRERUS could be a great start to an independent life, in fact, like any of the many SEZ resident companies: “This is a very promising platform, and I hope that I can develop here as a specialist” .

The same opinion has Juliya Chupina. In the near future, she plans to return to Dubna from Moscow:

- Here, after the establishment of the special economic zone, many new enterprises appeared that offer high-tech jobs. I used to be at the interview in the company Tekhnokomplekt, and today I came to a job fair to learn more about the working conditions at this enterprise. I have an economic education, but I know that this is a large company, so I expect that I will find a job that fits my skills and abilities, so I left a CV.

The company PASCAL MEDICAL also has a lot of job offers. The head of the company's personnel department, Alina Plotnikova, names the most interesting specialties in her opinion: a validation engineer, a workshop worker — assistant operator, accountant, head of the tender department. According to the expert, the job fair, which was organized by the SEZ Management Company, is very useful.

But the CEO of the resident company TenderHelp personally talks to applicants:

“It is important for us to participate in this fair, because we are a young, dynamically growing company and we constantly need new personnel,” says Tatyana Branova. - Moreover, we are aimed not only at finding ready-made specialists, but we plan to train young promising people ourselves. Let them grow with us. There is, of course, not enough time for a deeper interview, so now we are collecting CVs, contacts, and we’ll be communicating in detail in the company.

The head of the Analytical Center "Education and Career" of the University Dubna Svetlana Puzova is a regular participant of such events. The fact that graduates of the university work today in many companies-residents of the SEZ, and its great merit:
- The most talented guys get into the SEZ already at the bachelor level, says Svetlana Puzova. - We have known each other for a long time and continue to work closely together. And today we are meeting with new residents to learn about the possibilities of cooperation. I mean not only vacancies, it can be internships, and research work, joint projects. We offer good social conditions. For example, under a tripartite agreement, students of the University of Dubna, if they are employees of a special economic zone, have the opportunity to live in comfortable dormitories, and after graduating from the university they have an opportunity to stay there for one more year. The job fair participants got acquainted with these and other conditions of employment and work in the SEZ. Applicants of highly skilled jobs could watch the presentation clips about the activities of resident companies, undergo a preliminary interview and record contacts for further communication. The organizers of the event hope that to the plants of the Special Economic Zone Dubna will come exactly those who will develop the Moscow Region in future.

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