The growth of resident investments of the Saint Petersburg SEZ since the beginning of the year is more than 20%

20 May 2019
Since the beginning of the SEZ, the volume of investments amounted to 42.29 billion rubles.

The special economic zone St. Petersburgsummed up the activities for the first quarter of 2019 - residents invested 20.6% more in their projects in the zone than in the same period last year. In nominal terms, the amount amounted to 2.15 billion rubles.

Since the beginning of the activity of the SEZ, the volume of investments has reached 42.29 billion rubles. Since the beginning of 2019, the SEZ resident companies have created 259 jobs, which is 70% more than in Q1 2018 (152). Since the beginning of activities in the SEZ St. Petersburg, 3,944 jobs have been created. The volume of residents' revenue increased by more than 65%, the amount was 6 billion rubles, with 3.6 billion per Q1 2018. Total revenue amounted to more than 66.7 billion rubles. The volume of taxes paid by residents since the beginning of the year amounted to 1.04 billion rubles, which is 63% more than the same period last year (0.64 billion rubles). In total, the amount of taxes reached 13.4 billion rubles. In the first quarter of this year due to non-compliance with the terms of agreements on the maintenance of innovative activities in the SEZ, Gem-Standard LLC and Inforesurs St. Petersburg LLC are excluded from the list of residents.

In April of this year, the SEZ St. Petersburg won the Knight Frank Prize and took second place in the ranking of the leaders of industrial infrastructure of Russia. The automation of biotechnological production in the new production complex of the company BIOCAD has been completed at the Noydorf SEZ site. The development, implementation and launch of the project took one year. The ceremonial start of production is planned for June of this year.

In March, the grand opening of the Novoorlovsky customs post took place, which will allow resident companies to fully use the free customs zone regime.

Vertex JSC began operating the second stage of the innovation and production complex at the Novoorlovskaya site. The total area of the four-storey building with a technical floor is about 7,300 m2.

In February, the production complex of the company Laser Systems JSC was opened at the Noydorf site. The company specializes in the development of unique integrated solutions and the production of high-tech security systems.

At the beginning of the year, SILAGNIS LLC received a permission to commission a research and production complex for the development and production of energy-efficient geothermal heat pumps for domestic and industrial use.

About SEZ St. Petersburg

To date, on the territory of a special economic zone in St. Petersburg, 49 companies have been registered as residents. The SEZ is located at two sites - Noydorf (18.99 hectares, the village of Strelna, Petrodvorets district of St. Petersburg) and Novoorlovskaya (163.33 hectares, Primorsky district of St. Petersburg).

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