Negotiations with Japanese machine builders held in Lipetsk SEZ

30 April 2019
A meeting with Japanese businessmen representing Kubota, as well as the global manufacturer of agricultural equipment Kverneland Group, was held on April 30 by the acting head of the region, Igor Artamonov, in the administration of Lipetsk region. Welcoming the guests, he thanked foreign investors for their interest in business cooperation and the opportunity to discuss the prospects of foreign economic relations.

Kubota Corporation is a manufacturer of tractors, heavy and agricultural machinery, various industrial, commercial and consumer equipment. The corporation was founded in 1890. Kverneland Group Manufacturing Lipetsk is the only Kverneland Group site in Russia. The company has production facilities in 15 countries of the world and sells products in 60. 65 people work at its enterprise in the Lipetsk region. The average monthly salary at the plant is 51 thousand rubles. The volume of industrial production in 2018 reached 513.2 million rubles, which is 4% higher than the same period last year.

During the conversation, the head of the region spoke about the large-scale work to create a favorable economic and investment environment, preferences for existing and potential investors in our region. “The regional government attaches great importance to the further development of mutually beneficial economic relations,” said Igor Artamonov. “Japanese business has been operating in the region for many years, and the Lipetsk region is interested in expanding business cooperation.”

In 2012, the YOKOHAMA RPZ, the first and only in Russia tire production plant YOKOHAMA, opened in the Lipetsk SEZ. The capacity of the enterprise is 1.6 million tires per year. This is about 9% of the Russian market. Since the beginning of the company, 754 jobs have been created, the volume of investments made up 8 615 million rubles. From the very beginning of its development the project of the Lipetsk plant was aimed at the Russian market. This trend continues today, almost 90% of tires sent to dealer networks in all regions of the country. 10% of products are exported, the company is among the largest exporters of the Lipetsk region. Another major Japanese company operating in the region is J.T.I. Elec - a division of Japanese JTI (Japan Tobacco International). Construction of the tobacco factory in Yelets began in 1978, and in 1983 the first production was carried out. The only production in the USSR for the processing of raw tobacco was created by analogy with the plant in France. Today J.T.I. Yelets is a modern enterprise that meets high international and national standards in the field of quality, production safety and environmental protection. The company is one of the leading exporters of the region, products are shipped to 11 countries, including Germany, Poland, Turkey, Canada, Vietnam, Taiwan.

During the meeting, the guests, on their part, highly appreciated the prospects for cooperation and expressed their readiness to discuss in details the directions of partnerships development.

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