Ten new residents will invest $24,5mln. in modern R&D projects in Russian SEZ

31 July 2013
31st of July 2013 the Expert Council for Innovation SEZs with the Ministry for Economic Development accepted ten new residents in the Dubna and Tomsk SEZs.

Ten new residents are going to run businesses worth some  $24,5 mln. in the Russian SEZs. They will invest in R&D as well as manufacturing projects in the field of chemistry, nanotechnology, machinery, and construction materials.

The Expert Council has agreed to establish a business incubator n the Tomsk SEZ for a wide range of SEZ residents that require high-tech equipment and specialized laboratory facilities. The project is being implemented by SigmaTomsk Ltd. The total amount of investment is 433 mln. rub.

Mikhail Trushko, CEO of RUSSEZ:

"We have accepted new perspective projects in the SEZs. Their products & technologies are already in great demand in strategically important fields of Russian industry in various spheres - from oil refining to aircraft engineering".

 Tomsk SEZ

Sigma Tomsk Ltd – creation  of the Nanotechonology Centre for incubation and management of innovational and high-tech small businesses among Tomsk SEZ residents. The total amount of investment  is 433 mln. rub.

NIITEK TPU- Burenie – development and manufacturing of lightweight material for cementing oil & gas wells.  The total amount of investment is 103,4 mln. rub.

Among the residents are also 3 companies specialized  in technologies of oil extraction and drilling equipment as well as development of new materials for road building.

 Dubna SEZ

Target Labs Ltd. – production of components and coatings for LCD screens, solar panels, LEDs as well as special coatings for aerospace field. The total amount of investment is 9,9 mln. rub.

Kvazicristalls Ltd. – development of technology and further production of anti-freeze cover for wires and power lines. This will be the first plant of such type in Russia. The total amount of investment is 5 mln. rub

Zaschitnie Pokritiya Ltd. – development and production of protective materials, which add antiseptic and waterproof properties to glass, construction materials, and textile.

SmartElectroGlass Ltd. – development & production of translucent constructions with “smart” optical transmission used in automobile, aircraft, displays production, and construction.

Smart Adhesives Ltd. – development & production of adhesives based on nanotechnologies. Adhesives are substances that provide molecular bonds between materials used in pharmacy, construction, industry, medicine, and medicine engineering. The total amount of investment is 1 mln. rub.




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