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The World Free Zones Organization was founded in Geneva in 2014 with headquarter in Dubai.


The Association of European Businesses (AEB) with the support of the independent expert organization MonDef FOMALHÄUT held an open event dedicated to the Russian special economic zones and the peculiarities of localization in the SEZs. The event has been attended by representatives of business, in particular AEB member companies, representatives of industry associations, consulting companies, as well as foreign embassies in Russia.

Special economic zones: from A to Z

On November 26 Association of European Businesses will hold its open event SPECIAL ECONOMIC ZONES: FROM A TO Z.

Investment potential of the SEZ Lipetsk has been presented at the regional fair at the Polish Embassy

On September 11, 2019, a delegation of the Lipetsk special economic zone took part in the Regional Investment Fair at the Polish Embassy.

Special Economic Zones: advantages and prospects for the automotive industry

As part of the business program of the X International IMAF 2019 Moscow Automobile Forum, which is taking place these days in Moscow, a panel discussion on SEZ and cluster policy took place. The session was moderated by the Director of the Department of JSC Special Economic Zones Diana Ismakova.

Report on the SEZ functioning for 2018

The Ministry of Economic Development of Russia has published a report on the results of the special economic zones operation for 2018 and for the period from the operation beginning.

Altai has become even closer

The first flight of Pobeda Airlines from Moscow to Gorno-Altaisk took place on the night of July 15-16

Chinese manufacturers have studied the investment opportunities of the Lipetsk SEZ

On July 12, 2019, a delegation of Chinese manufacturers of food products, feed additives, fertilizers visited the Lipetsk special economic zone to study the investment potential and possibilities for implementing the project and build a new enterprise.

The management of the European Businesses Association in Russia visited the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone

On July 4, 2019, in the framework of a visit to the Lipetsk region, a delegation of the Association of European Businesses in Russia under the leadership of its Director General, Frank Schauff, visited the Lipetsk Special Economic Zone. The delegation included representatives of the company - a resident of the industrial site KWS SAAT SE and companies - members of the Association (hereinafter - AEB).

Resident of the Special Economic Zone Dubna starts the production of devices for the cancer treatment

At the first medical linear accelerator production plant in Russia located in the Special Economic Zone Dubna, the company PTT Fabrika begins assembling devices for radiation therapy of oncological diseases. With the release of the enterprise at full capacity, the products of the resident can take up to 50% of the domestic market

More than 300 people became participants of the job fair in the SEZ Dubna

A job fair, a graffiti contest and a cybersport championship - more than 300 people took part in those three events organized by the managing company of the special economic zone Dubna last weekend.

Resident of the Special Economic Zone Saint Petersburg doubled the volume of investments in pharmaceutical production

The agreement was signed by: Yury Kalabin, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg, Tamara Rondaleva, General Director of Saint Petersburg Special Economic Zone JSC, and Zakhar Golant, General Director of Baltpharma LLC.

Korea-Japan investor will build in the Saint Petersburg SEZ an enterprise to develop and produce polyol systems

The agreement was signed by Yuri Kalabin, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy and Innovations of St. Petersburg, Tamara Rondaleva, General Director of Saint Petersburg Special Economic Zone JSC, and Kim Yong Haq, General Director of MCNC Polyurethane Rus LLC

Creation of the Titanium Valley SEZ railway infrastructure

The authorities of the Sverdlovsk region and Russian Railways have confirmed the intention to create a railway infrastructure of the SEZ Titanium Valley

1.2 billion rubles will be invested by the resident of the special economic zone Dubna in the production of vacuum tubes

On June 6, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the Deputy Prime Minister of the Moscow region Vadim Khromov and the General Director of Granat Bio Tech LLC Alexander Shishov signed a cooperation agreement, according to which a research and production complex and production systems will be built in Special Economic Zone Dubna for the collection, storage and transportation of biomaterials.

In the SEZ St. Petersburg there will be four new residents with a total investment volume of more than 10 billion rubles

The Expert Council reviewed applications for granting the status of a resident in the SEZ St. Petersburg to the following companies: ATM LLC , MCNC Polyurethane RUS LLC, BIOGEN LLC and STC LKT LLC

Innovation and technology center have been commissioned in the SEZ Dubna

Up to 400 new jobs will appear in the innovation and technology center on the right bank site of the SEZ Dubna, which has been given permission to commission.

The growth of resident investments of the Saint Petersburg SEZ since the beginning of the year is more than 20%

Since the beginning of the SEZ, the volume of investments amounted to 42.29 billion rubles.
Negotiations with Japanese machine builders held in Lipetsk SEZ30April2019

Negotiations with Japanese machine builders held in Lipetsk SEZ

A meeting with Japanese businessmen representing Kubota, as well as the global manufacturer of agricultural equipment Kverneland Group, was held on April 30 by the acting head of the region, Igor Artamonov, in the administration of Lipetsk region. Welcoming the guests, he thanked foreign investors for their interest in business cooperation and the opportunity to discuss the prospects of foreign economic relations.

SEZ St. Petersburg received an award Knight Frank and entered the rating of the leaders of the Russian industrial infrastructure

The award presentation of the attractiveness rating results of industrial infrastructure was held for the first time.