Yutsa Grand Spa Tourism And Recreation Zone

The territory of the SEZ is not delimited.

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Yutsa Grand Spa Tourism & Recreation Zone was created in Stavropol Territory pursuant to the Russian Government’s Resolution No. 71 dated February 3, 2007. The zone occupies 843 hectares.

Types Of Tourism Suitable For The Yutsa Grand Spa Zone

  • Spa tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Entertainment tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • Educational tourism

Incentives And Preferences

Resident investors enjoy the following tax reliefs:

  • 0% property tax
  • 0% land tax %
  • 0% road tax
  • Reduced corporate tax rate (16% for residents)

The duration of the tax holidays granted by regional authorities is five to ten years.

Residents are guaranteed against any changes in the tax treatment for as long as the zone exists.

Other preferences for Yutsa Grand Spa residents include:

  • Low-cost land acquisition
  • Favourable administrative environment
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Accelerated depreciation option

Yutsa Grand Spa Zone Infrastructure

Yutsa Grand Spa’s concept is a multilevel construction project with stepped grounds and an artificial lake fed by a cascade of springs.

The main structure is the Thermal Centre, which is open to all visitors and is located on the eastern slope of a hill along the crest that offers a panoramic view of the terrain.

The Centre will be fully equipped for diagnostics and health services and will also include saunas, a gym, swimming pools, relaxation rooms, etc.

Hotels built around the Centre will be of different price segments and will offer special wellness and spa services, such as thalassotherapy or ayurveda.

Another major attraction will be the Hang Gliding Centre, which will be built on a mountain slope.

The Equestrian Centre, together with a hotel complex, will be situated in the northern part of the Zone, near a 70 ha forest range. Three fully equipped golf courses will be arranged below the hotel complex on the south-eastern side of the hill. Additional accommodation facilities, such as apartments, bungalows and villas, will be built uphill somewhat aside.

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