Stavropol Territory

Grand Spa Yutsa SEZ

Special Economic Zones: SEZ for Tourism&Recreation

Focius industris:

  • Spa tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Entertainment tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • Educational tourism

SEZ area: 843 ha

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RUB 275 billion


RUB 51 billion

Fixed Asset Investments:

RUB 78.5 billion



The main rail line is a section of the North Caucasus Railway, which has single-track branch lines for diesel locomotives. The major rail hubs are Stavropol, Svetlograd, Nevinnomyssk, and Mineralnye Vody.


The total length of motor roads is 9,128 km. The main highway is M29 «Caucasus».

Nevinnomyssk and Pyatigorsk are the major road hubs.


Air service is mainly provided through the international airports of: Stavropol (12 km north-east of Stavropol), Mineralnye Vody

Social Indicators

Total Population:

2.7 million

Personal Incomes (Per capita monthly income):

RUB 11,400


The region has a temperate continental climate. The average monthly temperature is -5°C (and can be as low as -10°C in the mountains) for January and +22 to +25°C (+14°C in the mountains) for July. Annual precipitation is 300 to 500 mm, but over 600 mm on the foothills. The vegetative season lasts for 180 to 185 days.

Places Of Interest

Stavropol Territory is rich in places that keep the memory of some of the most famous Russians, such as Alexander Pushkin, Mikhail Lermontov, Leo Tolstoy, and Feodor Chaliapin.

Its cities have preserved a lot of architectural heritage.

The region has one of the richest floras and faunas in Russia, and its landscapes are amazing. The most prominent site is the Mineralovodskaya Sloping Plain with its so called island mountains.