Altai Territory

The Turquoise Katun SEZ

Special Economic Zones: SEZ for Tourism&Recreation

Priority industries:

  • Wellness tourism
  • Ecotourism
  • Water tourism
  • Sports tourism
  • Equine tourism
  • Caving

SEZ area: 3 326 ha

Residents: 7

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Economics (beginning of 2009)


RUB 268 billion


RUB 69.2 billion

Fixed Asset Investments:

RUB 43.6 billion

Transportation (beginning of 2009)


The total length of rail tracks is 1,803 km. The biggest railway stations are Altaiskaya, Barnaul, Biysk, Rubtsovsk, and Aleiskaya.


The length of public roads is 15,500 km. Altai Territory is crossed by M-52 and A349 federal highways and R380 road.


Gorno-Altaisk Airport is nearest to the Zone (25 km).


The total length of shipping lines is ca. 650 km. There is developed navigation on the rivers Ob, Biya, Katun, Chumysh, and Charysh. River stations and piers are common.

Social Indicators

Total Population:

2.4 million

Personal Incomes (Per capita monthly income):

RUB 9,600


Altai Territory has a moderate, semi-continental climate.

Average annual temperatures are positive and range from 0.5 to 2.1°C.

Owing to the mountain barriers in the southeast of the region, the predominant west-to-east air-mass trajectory changes direction to southwest.

Snow cover typically settles in late November and stays until April.

Specially Protected Areas

33 wildlife preserves have a total area of 773,100 hectares. 100 natural monuments include 54 geological, 31 water, and 14 botanical reserves.