Sovetskaya Gavan Port Zone

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Sovetskaya Gavan Port Zone was created in Khabarovsk Territory pursuant to the Russian Government’s Resolution No. 1185 dated December 31, 2009. 290 hectares (with further expansion to 450 ha).

Priority Industries

Sovetskaya Gavan Port Zone focuses on:

  • Port business
  • Logistics
  • Transhipment of cargos
  • Vessel maintenance
  • Vessel repair and reconfiguration
  • Seafood processing
  • Commodity exchange trading

Incentives And Preferences

Resident investors enjoy the following tax reliefs:

  • 0% property tax
  • 0% land tax %
  • 0% road tax
  • Reduced corporate tax rate (15.5% for residents)
  • Any foreign goods (equipment, raw materials, components, construction materials etc.) imported into and used inside the Zone are exempt from customs duties and value-added tax (18%). The duration of the tax holidays granted by regional authorities is five to ten years.

Residents are guaranteed against any changes in the tax treatment for as long as the zone exists.

Other preferences for Sovetskaya Gavan’s residents include:

  • Low-cost land acquisition
  • Favourable administrative environment
  • Ready-to-use infrastructure

Sovetskaya Gavan Infrastructure

  • Main port
  • Shipbuilding centre
  • Ship repair centre
  • Container terminal
  • Seafood processing plant
  • Customs house
  • Timber and other materials transhipment centre
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