Saint Petersburg

St. Peterrsburg SEZ

Special Economic Zones: Techno-innovation Zones

Priority industries: 

  • IT and telecommunications
  • Pharmaceuticals and medical devices
  • Nanotechnology
  • Precise instrumentation

SEZ area: 129.4 ha

Residents: 37

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RUB 1.4 trillion


RUB 335 billion

Fixed Asset Investments:

RUB 342 billion

Key Sectors:

  • mechanical engineering
  • instruments
  • defence
  • shipyard
  • automotive
  • metal and steel
  • chemical
  • consumer industries

Major Companies:

  • Kirov Plant
  • Power Machines OAO
  • Izhorskiye Zavody
  • Izhora Turbine Works
  • Vagonmash
  • Baltiysky Zavod
  • Severnaya Verf
  • Admiralty Shipyards

Transportation (beginning of 2009)


  • 341 km of tracks per 1000 sqm (including Leningrad Region).
  • St. Petersburg is a major rail hub.
  • It handles cargo traffic bound to the Russian Baltic Sea ports, the Baltic states, and Finland.
  • The hub consists of five railway terminals: Baltic, Vitebsk, Moscow, Ladoga, and Finland stations.


  • 136 km of roads per 1000 sqm (including Leningrad Region).
  • The M10 «Scandinavia» highway links St. Petersburg to Moscow and Finland.
  • The M11 «Narva» highway runs between St. Petersburg and Estonia.
  • M18 connects St Petersburg to Petrozavodsk and Murmansk.
  • M20 connects St Petersburg to Pskov and Belarus.
  • The M10 and M20 highways are part of Pan-European transport corridor 9.


  • The city is serviced by Pulkovo International Airport.
  • Its annual passenger traffic is over 7 million people.
  • The airport has a road link to St. Petersburg.


  • St Petersburg’s harbourage area allows year-round navigation.
  • St. Petersburg’s Big Port is connected with the Gulf of Finland by the 27 km long Sea Canal.
  • The navigable Neva river is the last part of the Volga-Baltic route and connects the city to Lake Ladoga.

Social Indicators

Total Population:

4.6 million

Employable Population:

2.8 million

Personal Incomes (Per capita monthly income):

RUB 21,300

Academic Institutions:

There are 105 institutions of higher education and 79 research institutes in St. Petersburg and its suburbs.