Technological Zones

SEZ Innopolis

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries:  IT technology

SEZ area: 311,4 ha

Residents: 79


SEZ Istok

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries: microelectronics, energy systems

SEZ arial: 62,67
Residents: 18

SEZ Tomsk

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries: IT and electronics, medicine and biotechnology, nanotechnologies and nonmaterial, resource saving technologies

SEZ area: 276 ha

Residents: 62

SEZ Dubna

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries: software, information technology and telecommunication , nuclear technology, nanotechnology, medical devices

SEZ area: 216,9 ha

Residents: 151

SEZ Technopolis Moscow

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries: micro-electronics, optical electronics, information technology, nanotechnology

SEZ area: 207.49 ha

Residents: 60

SEZ St. Petersburg

Type of zone: Technological

Priority industries: IT and telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, nanotechnology, precise instrumentation

SEZ area: 3 867 ha

Residents: 64


Located in major centres of science and education with long-standing scientific traditions and recognised research schools, the Technological zones offer great opportunities for innovative businesses to manufacture science-intensive products and sell them on the domestic and international markets.

Since there is a high demand for new technologies and modernization of various sectors of Russian economy, Technological zones are becoming attractive for venture funds and developers of technology-intensive products with its set of customs/tax privileges and access to professional personnel

Technological zones are situated in the following regions of Russia: Moscow, Moscow Region, St. Petersburg, the Republic of Tatarstan and Tomsk.

The Technological Zones priority sectors are:

  • Nano and biotechnologies
  • Medical technology
  • Electronic and telecom equipment
  • Information technology
  • Precise and analytical instruments
  • Nuclear physics