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Moglino Industrial Zone

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General information

Date of establishment

Special economic zone of production and industrial type MOGLINO was established under the Decree N 729 of the Government of the Russian Federation from July 19, 2012 in the Pskov district of the Pskov region.

SEZ territory

Total SEZ area is 215 ha out of which 152 ha are allocated for tenants.

SEZ duration

49 years

Federal investments

  • planned – 2 881,5 mln. RUR

Number of resedents

1 company

SEZ production priorities

  • Railway equipment
  • Communal equipment
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Automobile components
  • Electric and electronic equipment
  • Construction materials
  • Logistics and packaging

SEZ clusters

  • Automobile components production
  • Electric and electronic equipment production
  • Railway equipment production
  • Construction materials production
  • Logistics and packaging
  • Communal equipment production
  • Agriculture equipment production


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Connected to Pskov is the city of Riga (Latvia) and city of Tallin(Estonia), with major cities such as Helsinki, Stockholm and Kiev just 2 hours away by flight. To the North of the site is a national rail, and the south, Highway A212. Both these transportation routes, connected to the airport, provide Moglino SEZ with the regional and international connectivity. Pskov is approximately 750km and 300km from Moscow and St.Petersburg respectively

Sea ports

  • Ust’-Luga (Russia) – 270 km
  • Saint-Petersburg (Russia) – 280 km
  • Riga (Latvia) – 290 km
  • Tallinn (Estonia) – 350 km


Pskov – 19 km

Passenger travel to Moscow and Sant-Petersburg

Cargo travel to any European destination

Pulkovo (Saint-Petersburg) – 280 km

Distance to RF state border on the European Union

  • Border on Estonian Republic (border-crossing points Shumilkino, Kunichina Gora) – 45 km
  • Border on Latvian Republic (border-crossing points Ubylinka, Burachki) – 130 km
  • Border on Belarus Republic (border-crossing point Doloscy) – 221 km
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JSC ‘SEZ Moglino’

General director: 
TORBICH Olga (Mrs)

Address: 180007, Pskov region, Pskov, Paromenskaya str., 21/33

Т: +7 (8112) 56-08-02,
Ф: +7 (8112) 29-82-03