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Personal Data Usage Agreement

  1. This agreement defines the procedure for the use of the personal data of an applicant during the on-line registration process to participate in the "Investment in Russia" Forum (hereinafter - the Forum) by the Planning Committee of the "Investment in Russia" Forum (hereinafter - the Organizer) at the event website through the website АДРЕС САЙТА (hereinafter - the Site). Agreement on collecting and processing of personal data is based on the Federal Law "On Personal Data» N 152-FZ of 27.07.2006 year (hereinafter - the "Law on Personal Data").

  2. 1.Any applicant for participation in the Forum (hereinafter - the Applicant), who filled out an application form on the Site, consents to the processing of personal data and its transfer to the Organizer.

    Personal data refers to information provided by the Applicant in the registration form:

    • general personal information (name, personal contact information);
    • work related information (title, business contact information)
  3. The purpose of collecting personal data:

    • To register the Applicant for the Forum
    • To confirm the Applicant’s participation in the Forum
    • To communicate with the Applicant regarding the Forum
    • To perform analysis (including statistics analysis) based on the results of the Forum
    • To development a concept and related programs for future Forums of the Organizer

    In addition, personal data provided by the Applicant might be used for other purposes directly related to the Forum planning and organizing.

  4. The Applicant submits personal data to the Site Administrator in order to get them transferred to a third party, the Organizer, which organizers the event.

  5. The processing and transmission of personal data by the Organizer is performed exclusively for the purposes specified in paragraph 3 of the Agreement.

  6. The Applicant agrees that the processing of personal data might include the following: the collection, systematization, accumulation, storage, revision (update, change), usage, distribution (including data transfer to third parties), depersonalization, blocking, destruction.

  7. The Applicant guarantees that:

    • Information provided is complete, accurate and reliable
    • Providing the information does not violate any laws of the Russian Federation, or the legitimate rights and interests of third parties
    • All information comes directly from the Applicant, all the steps to complete the on-line register process are performed by the Applicant
    • All the contact information provided, such as telephone number(s), email address, etc. does not belong to anyone else but the Applicant
    • No actions will be taken to prevent other Applicants from registration on the Site, including spreading of computer viruses, creating duplicate entries, sending multiple emails or inquiries to the Site, etc.
    • will not disclose to third parties the information related to login and password to the Site materials, if any is provided to the Applicant
  8. The Applicant informed that:

    • the Agreement can be terminated by submitting a written request to the Site Administrator
    • the Agreement can be modified by the Site Administrator unilaterally
  9. 1.The Organizer takes all the necessary reasonable actions to prevent third-party access to personal data of the Applicant

  10. 1.The Organizer is not liable for the wrongful acts of third parties, resulting in the illegal access to the personal data of the Applicant