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ROAD SHOW "Techno – innovation SEZ"

“Special Economic Zones” JSC invites for participation in a joint “road show” to techno – innovation SEZ.
"Dubna" SEZ

Location in the major centers of science and education of Russia allows the techno-innovation SEZ to offer great opportunities for companies interested in the newest developments and science-intensive products manufacturing. Professionalism and education of the employees, special conditions for residents and investors supported by the government make joining the SEZ easy and profitable for high-tech and innovative productions. During the “road show” organized by the JSC “SEZ” the participants will visit the zones in Saint Petersburg, Moscow region, Tomsk and Kazan. Managers of the JSC “SEZ” branches and representatives of operating residents and investors will make presentations and share their experience.

JSC “SEZ” covers the transfer, accommodation and catering for the participants.

Come to stay!

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