The Turquoise Katun Tourism And Recreation Zone


    The Altai Krai accumulates all the variety ofSiberian nature: from mirror-like lakes and fastflowingrivers to droughty steepes and plains;from untouched taiga to alpine meadowsand mountain peaks covered by glaciers. The AltaiKrai is also rich in healing mineral springs.Thousands of tourist visit this amazing part of Russiaevery year.

    SEZ area

    3 326.3 ha

    Period of validity SEZ

    49 years

    State investment

    • 8 200 mln.rub.


    17 companies

    Priority development directions:

    • Еco-tourism
    • Historical and cultural tourism
    • Wellness and SPA tourism
    • Active and extreme tourism
    • Cruise tourism
    • Balneal tourism
    • Excursion and religious toursim.