The Baikal Haven Tourism And Recreation Zone


    The Baikal lake is the deepest and the mostancient lake on the planet, the most voluminousfreshwater lake in the world. Its surface areais 31722 sq.km, which is approximately equal to areasof such countries as Belgium, Netherlands andDenmark. According to scientists, the lake is 25-35million years old; its maximum depth is 1642 m.Baikal water is extraordinary clean and oxygenated,its transparency reaches 40 m. Baikal is surrounded bySiberian taiga, mountain chains and steppes. The regionprovides conditions for development of all types oftourism. 800 thousand people from all over the worldvisit Baikal in the heart of Russia every year.

    SEZ area

    3 613 ha

    Period of validity SEZ

    49 years

    State investment

    • 2 500 mln.rub.


    12 companies

    Priority development directions:

    • Еco-tourism
    • Historical and cultural tourism
    • Wellness and SPA tourism
    • Active and extreme tourism
    • Cruise tourism
    • Balneal tourism
    • Excursion and religious toursim.